Warwick, Rhode Island Hoarder Cleanup

A living space inhabited by a hoarder is often more than just a mess. The piles of trash can include human and animal feces, rodents, rotted food, bird droppings and more. These can turn a mess into a hazardous waste zone. The piles of items are dangerous and can cause falls. Some hoarders may live without heat or water because utility technicians cannot enter a space safely. These are among the many reasons why you need professional hording cleanup technicians who can restore your property to its original state.

Cleanup After Hoarders in Warwick, RI

At CW Water Damage Repair Co , we do more than clean up after a flood or burst pipe. Many property owners in the Warwick, RI area have used our hoarding cleanup service to restore rental properties, abandoned buildings, and inherited properties once inhabited by a hoarder. Our staff is discrete, professional and thorough. Our goal is to leave your property as it was before hoarding turned it into a biohazard. To learn more about our company and to obtain a free estimate, call CW Water Damage Repair at 481-203-0800 or contact us online .

How We Clean Up After a Hoarder

Cleaning a property where a hoarder lived is a specialized job that requires sensitivity, the right equipment, and experience. Our trained technicians know that hoarding is a recognized mental illness. They do their jobs without judgment. Among the tasks we handle when tackling a property damaged by a hoarder are:

  • Identifying and cleaning salvageable materials
  • Delivering appropriate items to charities
  • Removing debris and unusable items to recycling or trash
  • Removing and replacing carpet, curtains and other items damaged by the hoarding
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces
  • Deodorizing
  • Shredding paper
  • Remediating mold and mildew
You may think that you can deal with the mess created by a hoarder, whether that person is a family member or a tenant. However, the area where the hoarder lived may be dangerous. Our technicians wear hazmat suits and know how to protect themselves from the often-toxic substances found in a hoarder's home.

Why Hire Our Warwick Cleanup Company?

CW Water Damage Repair is locally-owned and operated. Our technicians live in the area and understand the questions and concerns of our customers. They are sensitive to the need for discretion and compassion, especially if the hoarder is present during the cleanup and fearful because they are losing their possessions. We have state-of-the-art equipment and tools that we use to restore your property to the way it was before the hoarder moved in or developed this illness. We have in-house carpenters and other specialists and know the local experts to call if we run into something unexpected. We pride ourselves on the many happy customers who have used our cleanup services.

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The hoarding cleanup technicians at CW Water Damage Repair Co have the training, equipment and techniques to restore an apartment house or business to its original condition after it was lived in by a hoarder. In cases where it is appropriate, we will handle your property insurance claim. Learn more about our hoarding cleanup services and about our business. Call 481-203-0800 for a free estimate or contact us online.

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