Warwick, Rhode Island Smoke and Fire Cleanup

A fire in your home or business is terrifying. Moreover, once the fire is out, you must face a soaked, charred and smoky mess. It's a very stressful time that can leave you wondering what to do and where to turn. Do you just walk away, or do you try to start again?

Get Help From Local Pros After a Fire in Warwick

Fortunately, if your damaged property is in the Warwick, RI area, you can get in touch with CW Water Damage Repair Co. Our team of experts and specialists will assess your situation and recommend a plan of action. Cleaning and restoring buildings after damage from fire, smoke and water is one of our core services. We are happy to help people in this part of Rhode Island start putting their lives and businesses back together. Call us at 481-203-0800 to learn about our company and our restoration services.

What We Do After a Fire

Our smoke and fire damage professionals will begin working on your property as soon as is it is safe to enter. Our first job will be to secure the premises. We will brace and shore up the structure, board up windows, doors and other openings, and do whatever is needed to prevent further damage or injury. After the building is stable, we will:

  • Remove water and thoroughly dry out the structure
  • Conduct a damage assessment and estimate the cost of restoration
  • Remove all debris
  • Demolish parts of the building that are not salvageable
  • Clean all surfaces and conduct mold abatement if needed
  • Reconstruct the premises to the same condition as before the fire, or better!
  • Deodorize so that no smoke odor remains

Our Warwick company has all the equipment and supplies needed to perform these tasks. Moreover, we have in-house building specialists that include carpenters and others. When the project requires other types of expertise, we contract with local demolition and construction experts to get the job done right. As a locally-owned business, we have the contacts and community knowledge to ensure that only the best building professionalswork on our customers' properties.

Handling Your Insurance Claims But Working For You

Our company cooperates with all insurance companies, but we do not work for them—we work for you! We go the extra mile to make sure you understand your options after your home, business or rental property was damaged by fire, water and smoke. We keep you informed at every stage of the repair and restoration process and answer all your questions. If you are like most property owners, this is the first time you need to think about recovering from fire damage. We work hard to remove the stress you naturally feel after a fire disaster.

Call 481-203-0800 if Your Warwick Home or Business Was in a Fire.
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The smoke and fire damage experts at CW Water Damage Repair Co have dealt with all types of fire disasters, from limited kitchen fires to chimney fires to fires involving an entire structure. If your property was damaged by smoke, flames, water or foam, we will be there quickly to help—the sooner we can get started, the easier the job will be. Learn more about our post-fire cleanup services and about our company. Call 481-203-0800 for a free estimate or contact us online.

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